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The pandemic crisis, the isolation, and the insecurity about the future happened during a difficult professional time when I was working in a hospital in the north of Portugal, far away from my family and friends. I was used to live in the city, in a house with noisy kids, going out with friends, meeting people for a quick coffee.
Suddenly I was living alone in the country, for two years. I had to travel 600 km every weekend to be with my family.
I learned to close my eyes and breath, to control my anxiety. I learned to stop and observe every detail in Nature: the trees, the river, the birds, the smell of wood in the fireplace in the Winter, the sound of crickets in hot days.
I remembered my slow Summer vacations in my grandparents small village. I went back to my first years in Africa, chewing sugar canes, smelling the rain falling on the hot ground. I remembered sitting on my father’s lap and touching the light fabric of my mother’s dress. There’s nothing as a scent, a sound or a flavor to evoke instant memories.
When I felt fragile, the morning shower with a scent of flowers made me happy. The beautiful sun light at the end of the day pacified me. Maybe that’s the reason why I love art and photography.
Besides my phone and video calls, these tiny moments were the ones I valued most when I was alone.
Now I came back home. My family and friends keep bringing me the bigger moments.
I thought about a brand to create a peaceful well being bubble, with the authenticity of Nature. A silent break amidst the daily noise. Some things to make people live better their tiny and big moments.
That’s how this brand was born. During these two years I kept discussing it with Sofia, the idea kept evolving, and together we created Cyclum.

And after the career, the children and the marriages, where do we stand?
No age and no time, just the wonder intertwined with tradition and novelty.
Look around, appreciate the colors and smells, the places, old and new, let the nostalgia of memories invade the challenge of the new.
Senses on alert, demanding the special, the unique, the different, in the tranquility of maturing.
Moments to the sound of the calming wind, the colors that soothe us and the aromas that enchant us.

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