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Box with selection of three luxurious products made of natural lavender.

Lavender Luxury Box


Our Lavender Luxury Box is a ritual of relaxing aromas and sensations. The ideal gift for lavender lovers!


On a special date, offer a surprise from a brand committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly values. Made with your well-being and comfort at home in mind, our Luxury Box is the missing piece for a self-care ritual.

In an ode to lavender, this Luxury Box contains three products made from natural lavender, with no chemicals involved:

Lavender Essential Oil

An essential oil to include in your skincare routine or to freshen up the home


Lavender Relaxing Pillow Mist

A fragranced mist to perfume the house


Linen & cotton lavender sachet

A linen and cotton bag to keep drawers and cabinets fresh


Instead of the typical disposable cardboard box, these products are housed in a metal box designed to be used and reused. It is thought to last and preserve our products more effectively. The cork and lavender flower filling prevents the content from being damaged and allow it to remain fragrant for longer.

It comes to you like a box of natural luxury!


Lavender Luxury Box

Lavender Luxury Box


We took the wisdom of our grandmothers, who knew how to use the magic of natural ingredients, to create a bubble of well-being adapted to our homes and a contemporary lifestyle. Thus, this Luxury Box represents the balance we are looking for between the beautiful, the comfortable and the responsible.


Luxury Box

Luxury Box


This is our appeal to the cycle of sustainability and a more natural lifestyle, in which every detail is carefully thought out with care and with a vision for the future.

Practice the art of well-being with this selection of quality organic products, made with love in Portugal. This Lavender Luxury Box is an offer of sensations, a treat for those who like lavender in any format. A gift for a day that lasts seasons!

A natural luxury for those who demand glamour


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