Lavender Luxury Box

Lavender Luxury Box   Our Lavender Luxury Box is a ritual of relaxing aromas and sensations. The ideal gift for lavender lovers!   On a special date, offer a surprise from a brand [...]


We intend to develop a community of people interested in the experiences powered by CYCLUM products. We want to use this blog to bring reactions and comments from our network to the site environment, as well as reinforce alerts and news. We will make this space more dynamic as we grow in products and reactions. We want to keep a history and memory of the CYCLUM adventure, sharing it with everyone who visits us. We took a gradual path, with products under development, entering differentiated niches and introducing new offers in a spaced and consolidated manner. We will embark on research and innovation, both in terms of products and packaging. There is a whole world to be explored and we will try to be attentive and proactive.

CYCLUM is a Portuguese vision of the art of well-being.
Well-being that reflects a lifestyle of respect for the natural life cycle of products that become essential for our personal use and to spread throughout our home.
We take very seriously the art of packaging products following sustainable practices, looking for minimalist solutions that reduce the environmental impact of what we distribute. We put the emphasis on balance. The essential is what brings us well-being.
We create a symbiosis between the organic and the beautiful because we believe in the glamour of the natural. We carefully select partners who share with us the values of respect for the environment, the use of natural materials and work processes with a reduced carbon footprint. Everyday we notice that the natural is still a luxury that implies effort.

We share experiences with real stories. Add your chapter here and be part of this new cycle. Take a look at our Be Aware page.

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