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Portugal is a small country with a great history, origin and destination of Asian, African and American influences. From north to south, people mix the traditions of the land with the fresh and new airs of other geographies. So is the genesis of the cyclum duo, who from Lisbon to Porto seeks the colors and aromas that will last in memory.

The eagerness for well-being and balance is a constant revisited every moment, especially in times of crisis.

Linking the natural with the beautiful, the organic with the feeling of well-being, relaxation with energy.

CYCLUM is a Portuguese vision of the art of well-being.
Well-being that reflects a lifestyle of respect for the natural life cycle of products that become essential for our personal use and to spread throughout our home.
We take very seriously the art of packaging products following sustainable practices, looking for minimalist solutions that reduce the environmental impact of what we distribute. We put the emphasis on balance. The essential is what brings us well-being.
We create a symbiosis between the organic and the beautiful because we believe in the glamour of the natural.

Essential for the home are our natural aromas, both stimulating and calming. Essential for the body, are our oils for skin hydration and freshness care. Essential for our pets, the comfort of bed textures. Essential for our well-being, surrounding ourselves with beautiful things. Essential for the environment, our practices of respect for nature.

We share experiences with real stories. Add your chapter here and be part of this new cycle. Take a look at our Be Aware page.


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