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Cotton bag, with adjustable straps, for everyday use. Just tie a a knot and you´re good to go working, to buy groceries, to the gym,…wherever you go, a cotton bag is always useful.


Cotton Tote Bag

This is a reusable natural cotton fabric bag. Organic cotton grows without the use of synthetic additives or pesticides and is not genetically modified.
As this is a reusable and long-lasting cotton bag, in addition to the fact that it is produced in Portugal, our beloved country, we chose this fabric for our bags.

This bag can be washed in the washing machine as long as the loose ends are joined in a knot. Use the gentle wash program.


Cotton Tote Bag

Our products are made with plants grown in a gentle manner, bio certified, no chemicals involved.
We carefully select partners who share with us the values of respect for the environment, the use of natural materials and work processes with a reduced carbon footprint.
The natural is still a luxury that implies effort.

We use linen and cotton fabrics in our bagS. Linen is among the most ecological fabrics that exist. As it takes few chemical products in its production, there is almost no wastage of material during the making of the threads, since what is not used can be used in other industries, such as paper and cosmetics, and the cultivation itself is renewable, not making the land where it is planted unusable.

CYCLUM aims to be a 100% eco-friendly brand:
reuse, recycle and refill.
Our products are designed to be reused and/or recycled as well as refilled.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 36 × 41 cm

cotton bag


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