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This bed was conceived to provide your pet a relaxing space of rest. It is made of cork, a natural, renewable, sustainable raw material that has been used for many centuries.
It is light, resistant, impermeable, buoyant, elastic, and fire retardant. Cork is used as a construction material in thermal insulation. It is a non-allergenic, easy-to-handle and safe alternative to petrochemical-based insulation products.

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Pet Bed

The bed is stuffed with fabric waste. We advise to spray it externally with the Lavender Pillow Mist, before use and every once in a while. This mist will spread the lavender relaxing properties, repel fleas and prevent bad odors.

Don’t spray your dog directly with this mist spray, it can cause damage to the eyes or skin.


Pet Bed

CYCLUM is a Portuguese vision of the art of well-being.
Well-being that reflects a lifestyle of respect for the natural life cycle of products that become essential for our personal use and to spread throughout our home.
We take very seriously the art of packaging products following sustainable practices, looking for minimalist solutions that reduce the environmental impact of what we distribute. We put the emphasis on balance. The essential is what brings us well-being.

Our products are made with plants grown in a gentle manner, bio certified, no chemicals involved.
We carefully select partners who share with us the values of respect for the environment, the use of natural materials and work processes with a reduced carbon footprint.
The natural is still a luxury that implies effort.

CYCLUM aims to be a 100% eco-friendly brand:
reuse, recycle and refill.
Our products are designed to be reused and/or recycled as well as refilled.

We share experiences with real stories. Add your chapter here and be part of this new cycle. Take a look at our Be Aware page.

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Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 74 × 220 × 20 cm


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